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Adhesive Board FlyControl

Powerful, Silent Fly Control for Public Spaces

The combination of ultraviolet energy and Flowtron's exclusive fly attracting pheromone make adhesive board devices powerful fly control units that are both effective and economical to operate. Flies and other light-sensitive flying insect pests are attracted to the ultraviolet light and special fly lure, and are eliminated silently as they come in contact with the large-capacity, strategically-placed adhesive board.

The attractive wall sconce design is ideally suited for installation in front-of-store locations or in any sensitive area where flies are a threat to sanitation and where the use of chemical pesticides is undesirable.
FC4410 Galaxie Wall Sconce - 40W Stainless
Price: $275.00
FC4800 Galaxie Wall Sconce - 80W Beige
Price: $285.00
FC4810 Galaxie Wall Sconce - 80W Stainless
Price: $305.00
FC4900 Night Guard - 30W Portable
Price: $200.00
FC4700 Elite Stun Unit - 80W
Price: $325.00
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