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Electronic Insect Killers

Effective, Maintenance-Free Insect Relief that's Environmentally Friendly

Flowtron's advanced electronic system for insect control eliminates thousands of flying insect pests daily, providing an environmentally-friendly way of eliminating these pests from your outdoor living areas. High-intensity ultraviolet light lure these light-sensitive insects through an outer protective enclosure to an electrostatically-charged killing grid, where they are quickly and safely eliminated. Dead insects fall to the ground and become clean feed for birds and animals.

Flowtron's exclusive lantern styling enhances any backyard setting and provides security lighting as well. Maintenance free, these bug zappers provide an ecologically safe and economical way to rid your yard of insect pests.


FC7600R Factory Reconditioned Diplomat Fly Control Device - 80W Indoor
Price: $251.95
FC7800R Factory Reconditioned Diplomat Fly Control Device - 120W Indoor
Price: $279.95
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